Robstown Improvement Development Corporation (RIDC) is a non-profit corporation aimed at providing economic development efforts in the City of Robstown. The corporation manages the 4B-Sales tax, and is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of seven board members and an Executive Director

P O Box 872
Robstown, Texas 78380
Phone (361) 387-4589

Marcos Alaniz, President
Rodney Flores, Vice-President
Elias R. Vasquez, Treasurer
Roland Ramos, Secretary
Mandy Barrera, Member
Larry Cantu, Member
Armando B. Gonzalez, Member
Ronald Berglund, Business Development Officer
Herman Rodriguez, Executive Director

Ronald Berglund
Business Development Officer

Ph: 361-387-4589 ext. 110
Fax: 361-387-6760

101 E. Main Street
Robstown, Texas 78380

Monday – Friday
8:00 am – 5:00 pm

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