Community policing is defined as involving three key ingredients: developing community partnerships, engaging in problem solving, and implementing community policing organizational features.   Community policing creates partnerships between law enforcement agency and other organizations like government agencies, community members, nonprofit service providers, private businesses and the media. The media represents a powerful pattern by which it can communicate with the community. Community policing recognizes that police can’t solve every public safety problem alone so interactive partnerships are created. The policing uses the public for developing problem-solving solutions.

Community policing is a policy that requires police to inherit a proactive approach to address public safety concerns. Community-oriented policing was a cornerstone of the Clinton Administration and gained its funding from the 1994 Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act. The overall assessment of community oriented policing is positive, as officers and community members both attest to its effectiveness in reducing crime and raising the sense of security in a community.

9-1-1 Awareness Month, at the Boys and Girls Club of Robstown. Teaching our kids on the proper way to use our National Emergency Number ‪#‎RPD ‪#‎BoysandGilsClub ‪#‎communitypolicing. 04/07/2016

So many great changes happening in our City. Robstown cares for our children’s future and their education. Community leaders, school board leaders, RFD, RPD and so many others coming together to join forces with the 21st. Century Community Learning Center one of the most popular grants in the school system. This program is a higher learning educational program, that works with parents and children of all ages to take them to the next level in education. Robstown Police Department wants to support our school system to soar beyond expectation. We are here for you!!! ‪#‎RPD ‪#‎RISD. 03/30/2016

A very special moment right here! Showing the many hats an officer wears. These small children witnessed a very tragic accident on Hwy 77 during Spring Break in Robstown. They were shaken up and very distraught at the sight they witnessed. The family came by to say thank you to all the officers that responded to the scene and for calming the children during the accident. Officers A. Stout, M. Salinas, A. Lopez, E. Mendoza, F. Tagle, and “Red” Acosta. The Officers gave the children goody bags and hugs were exchanged. Thank you to all RPD officers for your service. 03/25/2016

Officer John Garcia teaching the Banquete High School teens on Texting and Driving and the dangers of Sexting, two very important topics for todays youth. Great job Officer J. Garcia 377. 03/11/2016

Ho, ho, ho! Cop Santa to the rescue….Meet baby Vic. This little boy has a special place in Officer’s T. Tagle, and J.Garcia heart and for the past 3 yrs. both officers have made a special trip to baby Vic’s home and suprised him with gifts. This year is no different. Officers Tagle and Garcia were delighted to pay another visit to make him smile once again. On behalf of the Robstown Police Department we want to wish Baby Vic and his family a Merry Christmas. ‪#‎toserve ‪#‎RPD. 12/22/2016

Happening right now!!!!! Charity Toys for Tots Robstown Police Department VS. Robstown Highschool Staff. We are still committed to raising money for the children of our community. Thank you Robstown for your amazing support. ‪#‎ToysforTots ‪#‎communitypolicing ‪#‎RPD. 12/18/2016

Christmas came a little early for some Robstown ISD elementary students. They were treated to a shopping spree, courtesy of the Robstown Police Department. We will have the full details tonight on our newscast. 12/17/2015

A million thanks to the The Boys and Girls Club of Robstown for having the RPD serve their guests on Monday. It was their 1st Annual Thanksgiving Dinner. We appreciate and love The BandGClub for the awesome job they do in our community, you are looking after and teaching our future!! Thank you to Officer Issac DeLeon for being a great sport. ‪#‎RPD ‪#‎communitypolicing. 11/25/2015

BRACE YOURSELF IT’S RED RIBBON WEEK!!!!!!!!! ‪#‎saynotodrugs ‪#‎communitypolicing ‪#‎RedRibbonWeek ‪#‎RPD ‪#‎kikicamarena A very special appearance by our good friend ‪#‎McGruff the crime dog, at Hattie Martin Elementary …..GREAT JOB KIDS!!!!! 10/26/2015

We ended RED RIBBON WEEK with a Bang!!!!!! Thank you Robstown ISD for having the ROBSTOWN POLICE DEPARTMENT at our local schools to bring awareness on drugs, and halloween safety to our kids. We love our community and its our pleasure to serve and teach our young. Also, a big tank you to Officer John Garcia and our awesome K9 friend McGruff the crime dog for all your involvement, you did an awesome job. Untill next time kids ‪#‎STAYINSCHOOL ‪#‎DONTDODRUGS ‪#‎COMMUNITYPOLICING ‪#‎RPD ‪#‎THEFUTUREPROS ‪#‎REDRIBBONWEEK. 10/31/2015

Successful day with the Robstown PD morning shift. We apprehended the bad guys and now hanging out with the good guys….. super heros and ninjas that is!!!. Its never a dull moment in the lives of Officer’s M. Salinas and E. Mendoza great job officers for making lasting impressions in the lives of these awesome kids. ‪#‎communitypolicing ‪#‎RPD. 10/17/2015