The purpose of the Pride of Robstown is to promote economic development and pride in the despondent city of Robstown. The organization assists in economic development, clean up projects, fundraising, and donation efforts with the purpose of attracting business and establishing pride to this economically challenged area.

Board Members

Mary Ann Saenz, President

Robert Silguero, Vice-President

Antonia Gomez, Secretary

Nancy Oballe-Pollard, Treasurer

Rosalinda Saenz-Ramirez, Member

Pat Amaya-Carrillo, Member

Belinda Rojas, Member


Code Enforcement

Ph: 361-387-4589 ext. 130
Fax: 361-387-6760

101 E. Main Street
Robstown, Texas 78380

Monday – Friday
8:00 am – 5:00 pm

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